2020 Denis R. Hebert Identity Management Scholarship Opportunity
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Identity management solutions

“I am thrilled and honored to be affiliated with this special SIA scholarship program,” said Hebert. “Identity management is a foundational security component that helps 

mitigate current and future identity threats, protect the privacy of individuals and enterprises and secure critical assets – it is essential that we continue building on our

knowledge of this field and promote innovation and advancement in the creation, convergence and use of identity management security solutions.”

SIA created the Denis R. Hebert Scholarship program to support the professional development goals of individual SIA members who specialise in identity 

management – a field involving the systematic control of access, authenticating users, securing assets and protecting privacy. Identity management encompasses 

many aspects of risk management, public policy, fraud prevention, privacy, data analysis, risk and governance, information technology and security.

Security industry

“We are grateful for Denis’ leadership in the security industry and applaud the impact he has had on SIA’s service to our members in the area of identity management, 

including through the development of many high-quality education, government relations and standards offerings,” said SIA CEO Don Erickson. “SIA is proud to help

students and security professionals grow in their careers in this critical field and looks forward to recognising two honorees with the 2020 Hebert Scholarship.”

The Center for Identity at the University of Texas at Austin works closely with its public-private partners, including corporations, state and federal government

agencies and law enforcement, to deliver innovations for consumers, businesses and government that help them to better protect people’s identities. As a critical

component of its mission, the center conducts research to better understand how emerging technology such as biometrics affects consumers and organisations

alike and how standards and expectations of privacy are evolving.

Securing identity information

“The Center for Identity recognises that the success of an organisation’s identity management and security policy and practices depends in large part on the 

personnel tasked with implementing them. A well-qualified workforce is fundamental to addressing the complex and diverse challenges in securing sensitive

 identity information and protecting consumer privacy, while harnessing the power of data for good,” said Dr. Suzanne Barber, director of the Center for Identity.

“The Center for Identity at the University of Texas has partnered with the School of Information to create a unique, interdisciplinary education and training

 program in information security to address this need and is proud to partner with the Security Industry Association to help promote development and professional 

growth in this critical field.”

Access and identity management

Each applicant must be either a SIA student member or a full-time employee of a SIA member company and have 1-5 years of professional experience in the security industry

or a verified plan of study in the field of access and identity management. Scholarship funds must be used toward post-secondary education programs, 

including training courses, accredited college courses, certifications or other credentialing programs related to identity management.

The 2020 application deadline for the Denis R. Hebert Identity Management Scholarship is Feb. 29, and awardees will be announced on March 17 at The Advance, 

held concurrently with ISC West 2020.

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